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Sara developed our early childhood program into a Montessori-based, wholistic learning approach and guided the teachers into teaching methods which accommodated the needs and strengths of our youngest learners. Sara made a lasting impact on my understanding of how young children can learn and has been instrumental in my own development of brain-based learning in early years and beyond. Sara is an encourager, inclusive, positive and proactive, able to coach peers, staff and students to strive for greater abilities and understanding, and has the ability to develop quality programs that develop life-long learners.

—Senior Partner at Enduring Consultancy-Education

ali copple

Sara is exceptionally talented at creating a safe space for important and sometimes difficult conversations to happen, and she excels in her ability to communicate and to facilitate communication between all members of an organization. She is an incredible coach and mentor, and many of the other school leaders looked to her for her expertise and wisdom, and well as her keen problem-solving abilities. 

—Education Consultant Trainer, Coach, Mentor

letty rising

Sara’s number one signature strength is bravery. She always speaks up for what is right and never retreats from a threat or challenge. She has a genuine sense of responsibility and loyalty and she contributes fully to the group. She is authentic and true to herself. She radiates sincerity without pretense. She has an admiration for skill and moral greatness, as well as an awe and wonder for beauty. 

—Early Childhood Teacher at Beijing City of International School

dr. william reed rhodes

I had the pleasure of working with Sara when she was already a year into building the Early Childhood Program at GEMS World Academy-Dubai from its opening day. It was clear from the beginning that she was an experienced, knowledgeable and committed educator who could lead with integrity from the front, side or back as required. 

—Head of School, UWC Thailand

jason mcbride

It was my privilege to work with Sara during her time at Prem Tinsulanonde. Sara was the Early Childhood Coordinator at the time and she was a mentor to me as a new teacher. Her passion for learning, young students and their strengths and her ability to meet each student and colleague where they were in their development and understanding was second to no other educator I have met. 

—PYP Coordinator at American School of Warsaw

miranda rose

Sara is a ‘big picture’ thinker - analytical, realistic, a problem solver and always comes to the table with solutions and ideas to further the development of programmes, systems and structures—always keeping in mind the needs of students and other key stakeholders.

—Elementary School Principle at United Nations International School Hanoi

megan brazil